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Welcome to the New Home of Genetics Otago Members!

12 Mar 2015 1:33 AM | David Turner (Administrator)

Welcome to this new place for Genetics Otago Members to gather as a community and collaborate in an increasingly exciting era for genetics research and teaching.  

This website is the reception area for a new membership database, which will tell us who Genetics Otago's members are, and help us keep in touch, communicate, run events, share research and ideas, and engage the public together. 

We chose this platform because we hope it will be simple for our members to use, and give Genetics Otago a more efficient and accurate database of our diverse members and research - help us to sequence our genome, so to speak.

This will give us a great foundation to spark collaboration and engage with other communities, sectors and the public to make profound contributions to science and society. As the visual theme of this website suggests, the possibilities are as limitless as the southern sky. 

The website and database are a 'work in progress' so we welcome comments and suggestions. We are starting simple, with a membership page, news and contact information first. 

And of course, do not forget the Genetics Otago public website - we are upgrading that too. It will remain our main interface with the public, together with social media - especially Facebook - please like us there and share our posts throughout the online world!

We invite all of our current and prospective members to join up by entering their details at the Join Genetics Otago page of this website. 

Professor Peter K Dearden

Director of Genetics Otago

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